L’Oréal Employee Walks After Company Fires Model Who Called America For What It Is

DJ Clara Amfo
DJ Clara Amfo/Twitter

Munroe Bergdorf was L’Oréal’s Paris U.K.’s first transgender model. But her legacy at the cosmetics company was short lived. After condemning violent White supremacy on Facebook, Bergdorf was fired from the company on Friday.

L’Oréal claimed Bergdorf’s August post, which merely called out white supremacy and America’s history of abusing and exploiting Black Americans, contradicted the company’s values. Another L’Oreal model, DJ Clara Amfo has called bulls**t and asked to be disassociated from the company. Over the weekend, the 31-year-old announced her resignation via Instagram.

“I can confirm that I have requested to be removed from all L’Oréal campaign artwork at the same time as Munroe,” Amfo told Mic.


“Not even a week ago I was proud to announce that I was to be in the same campaign as Munroe,” Amfo wrote. “A trans woman of colour who @lorealmakeup hired to sell make up because of who she is. Who she is, a woman who wrote a nuanced post on institutional racism and white supremacy in relation to Charlottesville and how the foundations of those heinous ideals trickle in to every facet of our society.”

“She has now been dropped from the campaign because L’Oreal feel that she is ‘at odds with our values,'” she continued. “If she’s not ‘worth it’ anymore, I guess I’m not either. #IStandWithMunroe.”

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We are all the way here for this black girl solidarity. On Wednesday, Bergdorf cited Maya Angelou to let everyone know she’ll be good.





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