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Coca-Cola Sued for Racist Work Environment

A suit filed in Brooklyn Federal Court alleges that two Coca-Cola plants in New York were racist environments for at least 16 workers. Described as a "cesspool of racial discrimination,” the lawsuit claims that minorities were called out of their names, given unfavorable assignments, were subject to unfair disciplinary action, and retaliated against for complaining. "I've never been called so many names as I have been at Coca-Cola," said Sondra Walker, who claimed she was called "Nappy Head" and "Aunt JaMamma." She also alleges that a white employee was ordered to clean a sewer and responded, "What am I, a n—– or something?"

From Coca-Cola spokeswoman Toney Anaya: "We take this matter seriously and are investigating the allegations." The company, she said, doesn't tolerate workplace discrimination. 

Is this news surprising? Also, will this lawsuit affect the Black community's purchase and consumption of Coca-Cola's dozens of products?

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