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Connect Quiz: Are You an Education Snob?

Connect Quiz: Are You an Education Snob?

Is bougie behavior ruining your love life?

Choose the answer to each question that best describes you.

1. Back in college, your roommate suggested hooking you up with a friend who

attended a state school but was “just your type.” You said …

 A. No, because your future Mr. or Ms. Right wouldn’t be at any school that offered

admission to the “general public.”

 B. Maybe, but hoped to find someone with an academic experience similar to yours.

 C. Yes, because you’re always down for meeting someone new.

2. When looking for a soul mate, your top considerations are …

 A. His or her alma mater’s national ranking.

 B. His or her career.

 C. His or her overall satisfaction with life.

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3. Most of the stories from the highlight reel of your life begin with …

A. “At (insert school here), I …”

B. “In college, I …”

C. “One time, I …”

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