Councilman Won’t Apologize for Saying the White Man Is Ruining the World

Gerald Byrd

According to Fox 5 News, Carrollton City Council member, Gerald Byrd, also the mayor pro tem, refused to apologize on Monday night regarding a controversial Facebook post he shared in early June. Several members of the community are calling for his resignation and boycotting his nonprofit organization.

Byrd posted a meme with a split image of a Black man and a Native American with the words, “The Genocide Of One Race, The Enslavement Of Another” imposed over the photos. He captioned the status update, “Both people in the photo are the same. White man has and is destroying the world.”

Barry Harwell is one community member who took offense to the post. During the meeting, he said, “I do think racism will never really end as long as we’re entitled to offer up our personal opinion.” The concerned citizen also urged Byrd to consider resigning over the remark.

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After the council meeting, Byrd addressed the post saying, “I don’t think that’s a racist comment at all.” He pointed to his own issues of racial discrimination to back his point. “The cops were called on me when we were celebrating my mother’s birthday at my house with her siblings,” Byrd said.

The councilman does not think Harwell’s view of his opinion matters as much as those of the people who voted him into office. “It’s not about me it’s more about disenfranchised people the poor and their struggles every single day,” he said.


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