D’Angelo Russell: Over the Line and Way Out of Bounds

No one wanted to be the last kid selected by their peers during P.E. class. It’s pretty lonely standing there alone as one unlucky team leader is forced to add you to their team. NBA baller D’Angelo Russell might not have had that problem during his elementary school days, but he does now. Seemingly, not a single soul on the Los Angeles Lakers squad wants to be bothered with him after he reportedly recorded a private conversation between him and teammate Nick Young.

Say what?!

That’s right. A few days ago, a clip of Russell filming an unsuspecting Young surfaced on the Interweb. In the video, Russell asked Young about his fiancé Iggy Azaelea and whether or not he had been with other women. While Young admitted to meeting someone at a club, he apparently remained oblivious of the recording until the 20-year-old said, “I’m glad you told my video all that” to which Young responded, “Huh?”

Since the team has been made aware of their point guard’s shenanigans, Russell has had no one to sit by at the lunch table. No, really! According to ESPN, no Laker would eat at his table during a recent breakfast meeting. And one teammate even moved to another seat after Russell sat down next to him in the locker room.

However Iggy Azaelea seemed to have praise for the video. She tweeted early Wednesday:

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Is Monday night’s brutal 48-point beating from the Utah Jazz starting to make sense now? Yep, it was all Russell’s fault. Well, maybe not completely, but at this point, no one would dispute you. “Nothing to talk about,” Russell said as he passed by reporters at a Wednesday practice. The Lakers say both players will speak to the media Wednesday before their game against the Miami Heat at the Staples Center.

While Russell is averaging 13.1 points, 3.4 assists and 3.4 rebounds over 27.5 minutes in 72 games this season, according to ESPN. But now many are questioning whether or not he’s got the maturity needed to be a part of the on-court, off-court brotherhood of the Lakers. “Under no circumstances do you infiltrate yourself into somebody else’s business and discuss or reveal their private, personal affairs,” shouted sportscaster Stephen A. Smith on ESPN’s First Take.”The second you get a scintilla of sense, you know not to do this.”

With Kobe Bryant readying for the last eight games of his career, and the Lakers preparing for the off-season (because the playoffs are really not in the cards for them), now is not the time to create a PR crisis for the team. There is something to talk about. 


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