Chavis Carter

An incident report via one of the officers on the scene of Chavis Carter's death gives a version of what may have occurred and calls the incident a suicide. Included in the police report are details which include the presence of potential witnesses, all of whom were driving away from the scene when gunshots rang out in the back of a patrol car Saturday night, leaving Carter fatally wounded.

Jonesboro Police Chief Michael Yates appeared on the "Jane Velez Mitchell Show" Wednesday evening, and said the situation was "bizarre" and "defies logic at first glance." After reviewing the car's dashboard camera and interviewing witnesses, Yates made his comments clear, which you can read below:

"There's no indication of any projectiles coming from outside the vehicle. We've reviewed the dash-cam video and as late as today managed to have some witnesses come forward that observed the incident from start to finish. And their statements tend to support that whatever transpired in the back of that police car transpired in the back with the officers in a different location.

Carter originally was detained with two other men in the car and had $10 worth of marijuana on him, the police report indicates. A vigil for Carter will be held Monday night.

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