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Doctors Not Thrilled With ObamaCare

While the Affordable Care Act, so affectionately called “ObamaCare,” is still up for consideration by the Supreme Court, a new survey reveals doubts physicians have about the law. The patient-friendly bill doesn’t favor physicians in the same way, which is why nearly half of the 500 doctors surveyed believe it will have a negative affect on their practice. Commissioned by The Physicians Foundation, the survey also found that 21 percent of the doctors, all under the age of 40, said they were neutral about the future of U.S. healthcare, while 22 percent were optimistic.

According to Reuters, reasons for optimism included better patient care and that the U.S. was moving in the right direction with its healthcare system. But, with many still entering the medical field in record numbers, some are worried that the changes will influence economic considerations doctors will make. Lou Goodman, president of the foundation noted, "Young doctors are finding upheaval and transition in the way the healthcare system is structured right now … and when our doctors are dissatisfied, we've got a problem with the system.”

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