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In New Documentary, VICE Explores Modern-Day Slavery in the South

We can vote, travel to certain parts of the country that we once could not and have opportunities like every other American citizen.

But while we may not get dragged by several white men in the middle of the night for allegedly whistling at a white woman at the age of 15 like Emmett Till, we’d be a fool to believe that systematic injustice is totally a thing of the past.

In its new documentary, VICE is bring the modern-day slave conditions in the South to light. And they’re doing so just in time for Black History Month.

“In this emotional piece, VICE sheds light on the fact that many white landowners did everything they could to continue the exploitation of newly freed slaves for nearly a century after the Civil War,” a press release sent to EBONY states.

Akil Gibbons of VICE travels to rural Louisiana to learn from Genealogist, Antoinette Harrell, who has dedicated her career to researching cases of modern-day slavery. The documentary features stories from those whose families were affected by slavery, with one person who claims he was held as a slave along with his entire family until 1965.

Watch the documentary below.


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