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Elderly Black Man Walks 12 Miles to Visit Hospitalized Wife

Black man, elderly black man,
Screenshot from Spectrum News of Luther Younger

An elderly Black man walks 12 miles every day to visit his wife of 50 years in the hospital in Rochester, NY, Spectrum News Rochester reports.

Luther Younger, 98, was spotted by Dan Bookhard on the highway on Tuesday as he was coming from the airport and decided to help the Korean War veteran.

“My upbringing; when you see somebody elderly when you see somebody struggling when it’s raining… I had to pick him up and I couldn’t be one of the ones who would just drive by,” said Bookhard.

Younger said that he is “not humped over like those guys out there- the old guys,” and a family member told Spectrum that her dad walks everywhere to “stay alive.”

“He still says, ‘nope I have to get out there to my wife. I have to go,’” said his daughter, Lutheta Younger.

Younger’s wife, Waverley, is paralyzed and has suffered from brain cancer since 2009, per Spectrum.

“She’s the best cup of tea I ever had. She would come in and kiss me and say baby and feed me in the bed and this is what I need right here,” he said.

A GoFundMe page was created by Lutheta Younger to help with her mother’s hospital expenses.


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