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Eric Holder: Systematic Racism More Devastating than Rants

Eric Holder: Systemic, Subtle Racism Far Worse Than Rants

Attorney General Eric Holder spoke about racism during his commencement speech at Morgan State University. 

Subtle, everyday racism, especially within the criminal justice system, is far more harmful than racist outburst, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder told graduates Saturday during a commencement address at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Md.

He described racist outbursts, such as those by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, as “occasional, jarring reminders of discrimination—and the isolated, repugnant, racist views—that in some places have yet to be overcome,” but hardly represent the depth of the problem.

“These outbursts of bigotry, while deplorable, are not the true markers of the struggle that still must be waged, or the work that still needs to be done—because the greatest threats do not announce themselves in screaming headlines,” he continued. “They are more subtle. They cut deeper. And their terrible impact endures long after the headlines have faded and obvious, ignorant expressions of hatred have been marginalized.”

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