Florida Teen Raises Over $100,000 to Send Girls to see ‘A Wrinkle in Time’

A wrinkle in time

A 14-year old Florida girl has raised over $100,000 to send girls to see A Wrinkle in Time.

Three months ago, Taylor Richardson created a GoFundMe page to raise money to send 1000 girls to see Ava DuVernay’s latest film, according to NPR. 

She wrote on the donation’s page that the movie featured a girl in the lead role of a science fiction movie and that was something new for her.

“A brown girl front and center who looks like me in the role of Meg, a girl traveling to different planets and encountering beings and situations that I’d never seen a girl of color in,” she wrote on the page. “It shows young, black girls deserving a chance to be a part of the sci-fi cultural canon.”

Richardson had wanted to raise $15,000 to send the girls to see the film and ended up exceeding her goal by over $85,000.

Celebrities caught wind of Richardson’s plans and donated major dollars to her GoFundMe.

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Earlier this month on Good Morning America, Oprah surprised Richardson with $50,000 donation, director J.J. Abrams gave $10,000 and actor Chris Pine, who stars in A Wrinkle in Time, donated $25,000.

The teen is no stranger to raising funds. Her previous fundraising efforts raised $20,000 to send girls to screenings of Hidden Figures and to send herself to space camp.


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