George Zimmerman was released around midnight Sunday after putting up 10 percent of his $150,000 set bail. As the 28-year-old awaits his second-degree murder trial for fatally shooting Trayvon Martin, the already restless Sanford, Florida community becomes even more tense. Upon his release, the neighborhood watch volunteer met a man in a white vehicle and drove away. His ultimate destination is being withheld for his safety, which means he could now be residing outside of Florida.

Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester ordered at a hearing on Friday that Zimmerman cannot have any guns in his possession and must observe a 7pm-to-6am curfew. After Zimmerman surrendered his passport to authorities, it was reported by his father that the admitted shooter of Trayvon Martin may have to take out a second mortgage to cover the $15,000 used to make bail. It is unclear if the collected donations for Zimmerman's defense from his website were used to expedite his release.

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