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Georgia Politician Wants to Stop Early Voting to Stop Blacks from Voting

Georgia Lawmaker Vows to End Early Voting Because Blacks Vote That Way

Georgia Sen. Fran Millar, Republican of Dunwoody, has vowed to fight a plan to allow voting on Sunday because precincts will be "dominated by African American shoppers and… several large African American mega churches," and he "would prefer more educated voters."

Millar made the comments Tuesday morning on Facebook in response to news that Dekalb County would offer Sunday, Oct. 26, as an extra voting day at three different locations for working residents. Lee May, the heavily African American area's "interim CEO" who was appointed by conservative Gov. Nathan Deal, announced the plan in conjunction with a Monday visit from First Lady Michelle Obama. Millar was, to say the least, unimpressed. 

"How ironic! Michele Obama comes to town and Chicago politics comes to DeKalb," he began his long rant on Facebook:

Now we are to have Sunday voting at South DeKalb Mall just prior to the election. Per Jim Galloway of the AJC, this location is dominated by African American shoppers and it is near several large African American mega churches such as New Birth Missionary Baptist. Galloway also points out the Democratic Party thinks this is a wonderful idea – what a surprise. I'm sure Michelle Nunn and Jason Carter are delighted with this blatantly partisan move in DeKalb. Is it possible church buses will be used to transport people directly to the mall since the poll will open when the mall opens?

Millar closed by vowing that he'd "try to eliminate this election law loophole in January."

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