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Haiti’s Prime Minister Resigns

After five months on the job, Haitian Prime Minister Garry Conille resigned through a typed letter addressed to President Michel Martelly. His leave comes after weeks of rumored strife between him and other government officials. The impoverished country, who suffered from devastating earthquakes in early 2010, has struggled to rebuild its capital and surrounding region in the past two years. Conille, a physician who worked for the Clinton administration as the U.S. envoy to Haiti, was brought in after two previously picked PMs failed to win support from lawmakers.

Haiti has been waiting for more than half of the $4.5 billion it was promised from donors and officials hoped Conille would be able to usher the money in. Although the independent who attended the University of North Carolina denied rumors of a bad working relationship with the president, the division became more apparent over a dual nationality dispute. The government is now hurriedly looking for a replacement for the vital government role, but Conille will remain until a successor is named. 

Has Haitian politics affected them receiving the full $4.5 billion? Should the U.S. or France get involved in the search for the new PM?

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