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Students at Howard University (HU) have taken over their administration building as a form of protest against the financial aid scandal uncovered at their school.

HU has been in the news recently because an anonymous writer posted a now-deleted report alleging that university employees had misappropriated close to $1 million in financial aid. Law student/student employee Tyrone Hankerson Jr. became the target for the embezzlement scandal because he came to the campus adorned in high-end fashion, flaunting exotic trips and allegedly driving a Range Rover. The anonymous post accused Hankerson of obtaining $430,000 in ill-gotten aid. Hankerson has since proclaimed his innocence in the matter.

On Wednesday, the school president confirmed the accusation and revealed that a few employees have been let go because of the scandal. However, the students have called for the resignation of the president as one of the goals of their protest.

In a Twitter video uploaded by HuffPost editor Philip Lewis, we see students pack a room in the admin building, where they sing and dance to one of Rihanna’s 2015 hits.

Rihanna has since reposted the video with emojis representing strength and appreciation.

The protest at Howard comes exactly 50 years after thousands of students participated in a four-day sit-in at the administration building seeking, among other things,  the resignation of the school president and more emphasis on Black history and culture in the curriculum.

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