Antonett Frierson made sure to include her late brother, Antonio Frierson, in her 2019 prom plans because he had always wanted to escort his sister on the big day.

Antonio, then 16, was shot and killed over two years ago by his friend Micah Sanders, who was playing with a gun when it discharged. The victim’s family believes the shots were intentional, and Sanders pleaded guilty to two charges and spent some time in jail, Fox 61 reports.

In an effort to keep his memory alive, Antonett, along with the help of designer Mariah Jackson, created an evening gown featuring photos of her brother.

“Recently I had lost a friend through gun violence and it was very, very intense. It was a similar story only her son was even younger, so it really hit home,” Jackson said.

“I took my memories and imagination and created something I can vision,” Antonett said. “I just didn’t pick just any picture of his face or because it’s a clear picture of his face. Every picture on that dress has a story.”

Antonett’s prom is Saturday.