Lawmakers in the small town of Merillville, Indiana hope to pass a law that would fine anyone who wears baggy pants more than three inches below the hip. Those behind the law deem the style of dress inappropriate and offensive to the public. Merrillville Councilman Ron Widing believes that passing the law may be unconstitutional and the NAACP and American Civil Liberties Union have voiced dissent. Along with violating freedom of speech, this law could cause cases of racial profiling.  

Those who break the law would be fined, but no criminal or civil charges would be made. The town's administrator, Mike Fink, claims that other municipalities that have approved similar bans have not faced constitutional challenges. Three cities in and around Chicago have already passed similar laws on baggy pants, but in Riviera Beach, Florida it was deemed unconstitutional when enforced back in 2008. The law would be the first for Indiana if approved and was tabled for Tuesday pending further review.

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