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Interracial Couple Attacked By Mob After ‘White Lives Matter’ Rally

Interracial Couple Attacked By Mob After ‘White Lives Matter’ Rally

Following the “White Lives Matter’ rally” in Tennessee on Saturday, a mob of White supremacists assaulted an interracial couple at a restaurant.

A 30-year-old White woman and 37-year-old Black man were dining at Corner Pub when a group of 20 to 30 White men and women who were mostly dressed in black, began harassing them Saturday evening.

According to the Washington Post, the woman told police that someone in the mob asked her to “guess” who they were and she responded with “White Lives Matter.” After her answer was affirmed, another of the White supremacists encouraged her to sit with them and ditch her boyfriend.

The exchange continued when the couple and the group went outside. In a Facebook video of the incident, diners are seen looking through the window as the situation escalates. It’s not clear how the physical confrontation begins but the woman later appears with blood seeping down her face and is then pushed against a window.

Police are currently investigating the incident and searching for the man who punched the woman. The Corner Pub is located 50 miles north of Shelbysville, 50 miles away from where the ‘White Lives Matter’ demonstration took place. The rally was met with stark opposition as counterprotesters — who played loud music to drown out the chants of the White supremacists among other shows of opposition — largely outnumbered the demonstrators.

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The counterprotesters were so effective, the second “White Lives Matter” rally planned for the day never happened.

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