A White woman from Texas has been indicted on charges of felony mischief after breaking the windows of an interracial couple’s car while they were looking for a new home in her neighborhood.

According to the police report, Jason and Victoria Chapa were returning home when they decided to stop and take a look at a potential new home still in development. While walking around the property, the couple heard the sound of glass shattering, causing them to run back to their car.

Once they arrived, they found 29-year-old Melissa Shelton using a concrete shard to smash their windshield and their back window. The couple claims Shelton then called them “niggers” and “specs” who could afford to live in her neighborhood.

Jason Chapa is of Mexican descent while wife Victoria Chapa is Black.

Attorney S. Lee Merritt is representing the couple, and recently called out the local police for mishandling the case.

“The local police, of course, did nothing. The neighborhood housing association, the local realtors, all offered nothing but a silent endorsement of the attack. This was not Black History Month. This is not black history. This didn’t happen 50 years ago. It happened a few weeks ago. This is America 2018.”

Co-counsel Justin Moore shared photos of the incident.

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