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Jesse Jackson Jr. Released from Mayo Clinic

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.
House. gov, U.S. Congress

After months of speculation and genuine concern, Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. has been released from the Mayo Clinic after being treated for bipolar disorder. According to an aid, the congressman left the facility last Friday, and quickly departed the Rochester, Minneapolis hospital for Washington, D.C. Jackson's chief of staff, Rick Bryant, let the press know in an e-mail that he has went to be with his family after completing his treatment.

Although Bryant did not give a time frame for when Jackson will be able to return to Congress, which resumes work on Monday after its annual summer recess, it is possible to assume that Jackson will return before the end of the week. In June, Jackson went on a medical leave of absence, citing exhaustion. It was later disclosed that Jackson was being treated for bipolar disorder.

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