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Jordan Coleman Does Not Look Up to Chris Brown

Did you know that one in three American teenagers has experienced some form of dating violence? That’s such an outrageous statistic—made even more outrageous by the fact that so many people aren’t aware of it. But while most of us are content to shake our heads in disbelief when we hear the statistic and then go about our business, one amazing New Jersey teenager decided that he had to do something.

His name is Jordan Coleman and he is the genius behind “Payin’ the Price,” a feature film he wrote and directed to bring national attention to the problem of teen dating violence. Jordan was just 14 when he got the idea, spurred by all the controversy and debate that swirled around him and his peers after the Chris Brown/Rihanna abuse incident. Jordan sat down, wrote a script and began filming in and around his hometown of Hackensack, New Jersey, using his own money. If you are ever feeling hopeless about the future of our youth and need to be restored, ten minutes around Jordan Coleman should do the trick!


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