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Jordan Davis Killer Seeks New Trial

Michael Dunn Jordan Davis

In November 2012, 49-year-old Michael Dunn took the life of a 17-year-old Black teen after an argument in a convenient store parking lot. The death of Jordan Davis sparked national outrage during a time when many Black Americans continue to question the country’s value of Black lives.

Dunn, who was convicted of first-degree murder and the attempted murders of Davis’ friends, was sentenced to life in prison. But a lawyer representing him argued that the sentence should be thrown out because prosecutors did not successfully rebut Dunn’s statement that Davis threatened to kill him minutes before the shooting. reports that Attorney Terry Roberts argued that forensic pathologist Stacey Simons shouldn’t have testified in the trial about whether Davis had opened the vehicle’s door because she is not an accident scene reconstructionist. In his testimony, Dunn said he asked the group of teens to turn down their music to which they initially complied.

But Davis, who was seated in the back of the Dodge Durango, got angry and demanded the music be turned back up. Dunn says Davis then told him he was going to kill him and started to get out of the car with a shotgun. That’s when Dunn grabbed his pistol and started firing at the truck.

Jordan was the only one injured in the incident. No word on when a ruling on the appeal will take place, but most rulings occur a couple of months after oral arguments conclude. Requests for comment from Davis’ mother, Lucia McBath have not been returned at this time.

Check back for updates.

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