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Kidnapped Woman Found, Freed by Her Family

Kidnapped Louisiana Woman Stabbed by Abductor Released from Hospital

A Louisiana mother was released from the hospital after recovering from a stabbing attack at the hand of a man who was allegedly holding her prisoner, authorities said. Bethany Arceneaux, 29, of Duson, La., was in the care of her family at a relative's home today after being released from Lafayette General Medical Center Saturday afternoon, Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Department Captain Kip Judice told The woman's family came to her rescue on Friday, tracking down and killing the father of her child in the abandoned house where she was allegedly being held against her will.

Arceneaux was abducted in the parking lot of a daycare where she was picking up her 2-year-old at approximately 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Judice said. Witnesses saw the suspect, Scott Thomas, allegedly force Arceneaux into his white Buick LeSabre, before driving off, Lafayette Police Department spokesman Paul Mouton told Thomas, 29, of Leonville, La., is the father of Arceneaux's child, Judice said. The woman had a restraining order against Thomas, but Judice said he did not know when it was filed.

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