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Sports Writer Uses Biggie to Call Lebron James the ‘N-Word’

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A White sports writer stepped atrociously far out of his lane on Monday night when he quoted a lyric from a Notorious B.I.G song which used the word “n**ger.”

On Monday, Cleveland Cavaliers’ Lebron James and New York Knicks’ Enes Kanter engaged in a dispute. Viscey took to Twitter to share why he didn’t believe Kanter, a White player shouldn’t be frightened of James. In doing so, he used the likeness quoting Biggie’s “N**gas Bleed” to refer to the all-star player as a “n**ger.”

Despite 2017 delivering all kinds of White treachery to the limelight and making surprising news a thing of the past, Vecsey’s tweet was still awfully audacious.  His tenacity and shamelessness left fellow sports journalists and other Twitter users in shock and disgust.

Vescey has yet to delete the post and is standing by his chosen song lyrics. Since the tweet, he appears to have spent the majority of Tuesday convincing himself he said nothing wrong by retweeting posts from users who came to his defense.

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