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Lucy McBath, Mother of Jordan Davis, Speaks Out Against Stand Your Ground

Stand Your Ground Rally Florida Tallahassee
<p> Associated Press</p>

A march against Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law was held Monday at the Florida state capitol in Tallahassee. Busloads who attended listened as Rev. Al Sharpton, attorney Ben Crump and the parents of Trayvon Martin called for the repeal of the state’s now-infamous statute. But it was the speeches by two mothers whose sons were affected by the law in completely different circumstances that led to poignant moments.

The recent trial of Michael Dunn, that resulted in a hung jury over the fatal shooting of Jordan Davis, rekindled criticism of the Florida law. Dunn confronted Jordan and three others over loud rap music coming from their vehicle. He fired 10 shots, with three fatally wounding Jordan. A jury determined that Dunn was reckless in firing the weapon but was split on whether Dunn had attempted murder. Dunn’s lawyers argued that he thought he was a gun in Jordan’s car, putting him in imminent danger.

At the rally, Lucy McBath, the mother of Jordan Davis gave a moving speech asking the people of the state of Florida to hold their lawmakers accountable for the deaths of young Black men, which have increased significantly since “Stand Your Ground” was implemented.

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