NFL Player Who Sits During ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ Made Time for Mexico’s Anthem

Marshawn Lynch
Marshawn Lynch. Photo: ESPN Images

You may remember Oakland Raiders’ Marshawn Lynch for his timely ensemble choice shortly after President Donald Trump slammed NFL players who sit or kneel during the national anthem.

Lynch’s shirt didn’t incite any public backlash from Trump but another admirably smart-assy move by the running back certainly did.

Before the Raiders’ game against the New England Patriots in Mexico City on Sunday, Lynch went about sitting as usual during the national anthem. But Lynch’s demonstration became much more pointed when the Mexican national anthem proved to be more worthy of his standing energy. Lynch had time when it came to the recitation of “Mexicans, at the cry of war.”


Unlike Trump, Lynch has remained mum on the protests. Proving yet again that he has too much time on those tiny hands, the president blasted Lynch on Twitter (but didn’t @ him) early Monday morning. He even called for Lynch’s suspension.

While Lynch chose to remain silent in the face of the president’s antagonism, his mama sure didn’t. Denisa Lynch shot right back at Trump on Twitter.

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Um, got eem!

Although a number of NFL owner executives have made awfully hearty donations to Trump’s presidential campaign, they do have a track record of denouncing the president when he attempts to advise them as to how they should run their league. Lynch shouldn’t have much to worry about and we’re excited to see which anthem he’ll stand for next.


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