Poll: Majority of Millennials Support Daca, Pathways to Citizenship

Associated Press

Less than 25 percent of millennials and 43 percent of White millennials approve of the way that President Trump is handling immigration.

The survey, released by Gen Forward in parnership with the University of Chicago, revealed that 43% of White millennials, and less than 25% of millennials approve of President’s Trump’s handling of immigration.

According a statement sent to EBONY, the recent data sheds light on millennials’ views on immigration in America.

“Millennials across race and ethnicity groups overwhelmingly agree that undocumented individuals who currently meet DACA eligibility should be granted citizenship,” the statement says. “Over 75 percent of millennials share this view.”

But millenial Trump voters have views that contradict the above stated positions on immigration reform. 66 percent of them support pathways for citizenship for those who are eligible for DACA rights. An overwhelming majority (76 percent) support pathways to citizenship for immigrants who are law abiding and/or served in the military.

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However, 75 percent of these voters support the construction of a border wall and 64 percent of those surveyed support the deportation of all immigrants.

Read more on the report here.


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