Minneapolis Student Targeted by Classmates in Racist Viral Videos

Nya Sign was bullied by classmates. Image: screenshot from KTSP video

Nya Sigin, a student at Prior Lake High School in Minneapolis said she was the target of a series of racist videos that went viral after being posted by one of her classmates, reports KTSP.

School officials, who are investigating the videos, have described the footage as “serious and disturbing.” In one of the videos, a student repeatedly uses racial slurs and laughs as she mentions a previous suicide attempt.

“You dark ass n**ger,” the student says in the video. “You dark ass chocolate bar. Get the f*ck out of here. No one likes n**gers. No one likes them. F*cking kill yourself right this time. Do it f*cking right. Cut deep enough this time, or f*cking tie the rope higher. Like, what the f*ck.”

“It was just the most disgusting thing I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life,” Nya explained. “I was feeling I was confused. I didn’t really know what I had done to even deserve it.”

Nya, along with her sister Elizabeth, are demanding that the suspects be held accountable for their actions.

“I don’t know at this point what I can do to make sure that this stops for good because it’s too much on my sister,” Elizabeth said. “It’s too much on the family to just constantly be in these issues where somebody is harassing her and somebody is bullying her and she’s only a freshman. She still has three more years of being at the school, and I want those three years to be good for her.”

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Minneapolis has been a hotbed of racial tensions since the killing of George Floyd which led to the conviction of former police officer Derrick Chauvin, as EBONY previously reported.

After the unnerving incident, Nya has received a groundswell of support from many students at the school.


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