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Missouri’s NAACP Actually Had To Issue A Travel Advisory For Black People

Missouri’s NAACP Actually Had To Issue A Travel Advisory For Black People

The Missouri NAACP found systemic racism to be so rampant in Missouri, they were compelled to create a travel advisory warning Black people entering the state that they should expect to have their civil rights infringed upon.

The advisory, which was first proposed in June, took effect on Thursday reports, CBS St. Louis.

The NAACP cites abnormally high levels of traffic stops with Black drivers being 75% more likely to be stopped by police than White drivers. They were also motivated to issue the advisory due to a recent piece of legislation, which makes it damn near impossible to pursue housing and employment discrimination lawsuits.

According to The Associated Press, those looking to sue for employment discrimination must now find a way to prove that any disciplinary action from an employer was solely motivated by race, gender, age or ability. Previously, claimants would have to give evidence that the aforementioned contributed to the decision rather than it being the primary motivation for an employer’s actions.

Missouri House minority leader Gail McCann Beatty even spoke out about the legislation, which was signed into state law by Missouri Governor Eric Greitens four days after the advisory.

“With the Missouri Human Rights Act gutted, employers who want to engage in illegal workplace discrimination will have no fear of being held accountable,” she said. “While SB 43 might not quite return us to the days when businesses were free to hang ‘minorities need not apply’ signs in the window, it certainly reinforces the sentiment.”

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Missouri NAACP President Rod Chapel, who proposed the travel advisory said the org’s next step may be a boycott of the state.


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