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Morehouse College to Admit Transgender Men Starting Next Year

The HBCU will consider all applicants who live and identify as men, regardless of their biological gender. This article was originally published in April 2019.

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Beginning in fall 2020, all-male HBCU Morehouse College will consider the acceptance of transgender men (those who identify as men regardless of their biological gender) into the university.

The new policy, known as the Gender Identity Admissions and Matriculation Policy according to a press release, will apply to all students who enroll after the fall 2020 semester.

“Morehouse College is the only private historically black liberal arts college for men in the United States,” reads the release. “The mission of Morehouse is to develop men with disciplined minds to lead lives of leadership and service. This policy is intended to support every individual’s right to self-identification and ensure the continued pursuit of the College’s distinctive mission.”

Detailing the policy further, the statement reads, “Morehouse will consider for undergraduate admission those applicants who live and self-identify as men, regardless of the sex assigned to them at birth. Morehouse will not consider for admission women or those assigned male at birth who identify as women. Within the parameters of this policy to consider men for admission, Morehouse does not discriminate on the basis of gender identity and expression in its admission policy, scholarship and loan programs, educational program, co-curricular activities, and residential facilities.”

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