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Accomplice in Mystikal Rape Case Claims Victim Denies Incident

In light on first degree rape charges against famed rapper, Mystikal, a woman who is said to be his alleged accomplice claims the victim is denying the rape ever took place.

On Monday, the 46-year-old “Shake It Fast” rapper turned himself in to Shreveport, La., authorities. According to TMZ, Tenichia Wafford, is wanted for allegedly trying to strong-arm the victim into dropping charges that Mystikal and another man raped her last October.

The media outlet spoke with Wafford and in a video, while she admits to calling the woman, she says the conversation was rooted in friendship. According to Wafford, during their talk which she recorded, the alleged victim told her there was no rape.

“Ain’t nobody did nothing to that girl, like for real,” Wafford states in the video. “She even told me, and yes I got it on record, that she said, ain’t nobody did nothing to her.”

Wafford is still on the run and the reason why she won’t go to the cops to clear things up remains unclear.

Watch the video below.


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