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#NewTrump Backlash Takes Over Socialverse

#NewTrump Backlash Takes Over Socialverse


President Trump’s first joint address to Congress Tuesday night was actually praised in a lot of corners because of its even and in some cases, sympathetic-sounding tone, a departure from the abrasive tone of his inaugural speech — and pretty much everything he’s said since then. And don’t forget the new tie. But does that mean there’s a new Donald Trump?

Well, the socialverse doesn’t believe so and didn’t mince words in its criticism of the commander-in-chief, tearing apart his proposals through Twitter memes and the like — and a hashtag as well: #NewTrump.

Many using it focused on whether or not the president was being truthful, or at least accurate. At least one believes he wasn’t.

Others focused on his policies and called them as they saw them

Veering from the hashtag, activist Deray McKesson was among the first to be critical and pointed out why.

NBC News’ Joy Reid really didn’t have the patience to watch it. But found something she felt was more worthwhile.

This one took it back almost 50 years.

Finally, an Instagram post says the difference between Old Trump and New Trump is really very little.

See the difference? #BBCNews #FoxNews #CNN #HuffingtonPost #NewTrump #GOP

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