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Nigeria Blast Kills Three

Nigeria Blast Kills Three

Nigeria's eastern city of Jalingo was rocked with a devastating explosion over the weekend, as the blast injured a woman and seven others, including three children. The nation's emergency agency had to correct an earlier statement that reported the woman's death, yet local media has confirmed that up to three people were killed in the blast. While the woman, who was only knocked unconscious, still remains in the hospital, three of the seven injured have been discharged.

The blast, which occurred late Friday evening, was the second such explosion in Jalingo in the past 24 hours. The earlier explosion killed one person and injured 14 others. The capital of Taraba has recently been hit by an influx of violence that is being blamed on the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram. Bars have frequently been the target of their crimes, although local disputes between factions have also led to such incidents.

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