President Obama may already be looking towards November, but in his first big trip of the second fund-raising quarter, he's already bringing home the big bucks. Hauling in at least $1.75 million at three campaign events on Tuesday and during his one official event at Florida Atlantic University, the Commander-in-Chief confidently told supporters that this election will feature one of the starkest contrasts in election history. Roughly 60 guests paid at least $10,000 a person to attend the lunchtime event, as the president spoke at the private residence of former Raytheon Aircraft CEO Hansel Tookes in Palm Beach Gardens.

Sticking mainly to familiar campaign themes, Obama didn't disappoint, saying, "Our goal has not just been to make sure we didn't go into a depression, our goal is how do we build on the successes that are necessary for us to compete in this 21st century economy that's going to be tougher than ever." 

Obama then used his lunchtime address to outline the competing campaign visions.

"The Democratic vision is one that says that free market is the key to economic growth, that we don't need to build government just for the sake of expanding its reach. But there are certain things we have to do—whether it's investments in education, or basic science and research, or caring for the most vulnerable among us and creating an effective safety net." 

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