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Obama Advises Trump to Use Social Media Responsibly

Obama Advises Trump to Use Social Media Responsibly

Barack Obama will be serving jury duty in the next month.

You would think that in being president of the United States, one would be selective in what he posts on social media. In the era of screenshots and retweets, your status update or tweet can literally go viral within seconds.

Despite this reality, Donald Trump, our nation’s 45th commander in chief, always speaks … or tweets his mind.

Former President Barack Obama weighed in on Trump’s lack of a filter recently, and talked about how social media can prompt folks to “make snap judgments.”

“One of the dangers is that instead of deep analysis and evaluation,” users of Twitter and other platforms often are just “skimming the surface,” Obama said at a conference recently.

The former president’s remarks came as Trump is facing criticism from U.S. citizens, as well as lawmakers in the U.K., for retweeting anti-Islam messages.

Obama has generally refrained from criticizing Trump’s behavior, but in an April interview, he subtly hinted at Trump’s social media practices when historian Doris Kearns Goodwin asked how he handled frustration while in office.

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“For starters, by not having a Twitter account,” he said.


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