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President Obama Has a Message for Donald Trump: ‘Stop Whining’

President Obama Has a Message for Donald Trump: ‘Stop Whining’


Like many Americans, President Obama is not here for Donald Trump, in any capacity. And also, like many of us, POTUS takes the election process very seriously. After all, for our communities, voting is a necessity.

While we’re typically happy to give all of the presidential hopefuls a fair shot, Trump continues to let us down. When the GOP candidate is given an opportunity to talk about REAL issues, he continuously misses the mark. The Affordable Care Act? He attacks President Obama. ISIS? He disses military veterans. Women and sexual assault? He engages in so-called “locker room” talk.

Why can’t we simply focus on the issues at hand?

The 2016 election has already been turned into a joke, but as November draws closer, it’s way past time to get serious about who’s going to be running our country when Barack Obama leaves office.

In a press conference earlier today, President Obama agreed Trump needs to suck it up and get serious.

Watch the video below.

Just a friendly reminder that we have a lot at stake in this upcoming election. Deadlines have passed in some states to register but there’s still time left in others. Check out this read to get the information on voting laws and requirements in your state.

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