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Patriots’ Martellus Bennett Declines Team White House Visit

New England Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett announced that he will not attend a team visit to the White House following their historic Super Bowl win.

According to CNN, the team is slated to be honored by President Trump later this year.

“I am not going to go,” Bennett said. “I can elaborate later on in life. Right now I am just trying to enjoy this. People know how I feel about it, just follow me on Twitter.”

Bennett also said that he is not concerned about possible backlash over skipping the White House visit and that he and his teammates avoid talking about politics in the locker room.

In December, Bennett, who is an outspoken supporter of the Black Lives Matter Movement, criticized Kanye West for meeting with Trump on Twitter.

So Kanye didn’t take the time to vote. And now he holding on to Trump’s coattail like Peter Pettigrew to Lord Voldemort. Kanye Pettigrew

— Martellus Bennett (@MartysaurusRex) December 15, 2016

Last August, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick staged a silent protest again the national anthem. Bennett participated in a similar protest against racism in the country on the field, raising his fist along with fellow teammate Devin McCourty during the national anthem at a game that took place in September.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is reportedly good friends with Trump, who faced controversy during 2016’s election when a “Make America Great Again” hat was spotted in his locker. The day before the general election, Trump announced that Brady and Patriots coach Bill Belichick are supporting his campaign for president.


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