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POLITICS AS [UN]USUAL:This Week In Politics

POLITICS AS [UN]USUAL:This Week In Politics

Another look at the political week that was…

●      This week’s State of the Union address laid out a progressive vision for the future, which just so happens to be a very American vision.   Proposals included raising the minimum wage to $9, passing equal pay for women, and a vote on gun violence prevention legislation.

●      Raising the minimum wage is a women’s issue.

●      Conservatives will claim that raising the minimum wage to $9 will kill jobs and result in business firing peopleThat isn’t true.

●      The NRA has almost completely lost it.

●      The War on Women never left and Arkansas is officially the most anti-choice state in America.

●      President Obama is traveling to Chicago today to talk about gun violence on the heels of an emotional appeal to the American people and the Congress to vote on proposals.

●      After Senator Marco Rubio’s epic fail last night, complete with a creepy lurch for a drink of water, going forward, any Republican asked to do the response to the State of the Union should decline.

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●      It’s sad that Rubio’s awkward lurch for a drink is overshadowing his not one but two votes against the Violence Against Women Act.

●      The Senate passed the Violence Against Women Act again but that was really never the problem.  The focus has always been on House Republicans who are expected to take up the measure in a few weeks; The question is what version of the bill they decide to vote on.

●      What happens if Republicans filibuster the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau again?

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