Sen. Kamala Harris Fails to Fully Endorse Financial Reparations

Sen. Kamala Harris Applauds House Committee Passage of Marijuana Reform Legislation

The California Democrat and 2020 presidential candidate introduced a bill that was passed today by a House committee.

Stacey Abrams Calls on Politicians to Improve Our Democracy

The founder of Fair Fight Action and Fair Count says our nation must have fair voting laws and census counts, among other issues, to ensure all citizens have a voice in our democracy.

Is Pete Buttigieg Black Voters' 2020 Presidential Dark Horse?

Is Pete Buttigieg Black Voters’ 2020 Presidential Dark Horse?

In advance of tonight’s Democratic presidential debate in Atlanta, we are reposting this June 2019 article about the Midwestern mayor who has captured the attention of Black voters and President Barack Obama’s former campaign manager.

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Poll Shows Americans Split on Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Though divided on impeachment inquiry, 70 percent of respondents find it unacceptable for a president to ask foreign leaders to look into political foes.

Where Do We Go from Here? The Democratic Coalition in 2020 and Beyond

Sens. Booker and Harris to Join NAACP Town Hall About Comcast Lawsuit Against Black Media

The senators and 2020 presidential candidates will participate in the civil rights organization’s discussion of the monumental civil case tonght.

Sen. Kamala Harris Fails to Fully Endorse Financial Reparations

Sen. Kamala Harris Honors Late Rep. Elijah Cummings With Statement in Congressional Record

Harris’ statement in the official daily record of the proceedings of the U.S. Congress paid tribute to Cummings’ character and many achievements.

Former Vice President Joe Biden to Announce 2020 Presidential Bid

Joe Biden Is the Ally, Champion and Fighter We Need in 2020

The first Black woman elected to the U.S. Senate explains why she supports the former vice president in the next presidential election.


Rep. Elijah Cummings, Who Railed to Set Trump Straight on Anti-Black Rhetoric, Dies at 68

We are revisiting this March 2017 article in salute to longtime Baltimore congressman Cummings, who passed away today at the age of 68.

Sen. Kamala Harris: The Smart Way to Change Our Marijuana Laws

As a career prosecutor and former attorney general of California, I saw firsthand how counterproductive…

NBC News Details History of Black Democratic Voters Since 1976

NBC News has compiled a comprehensive record of Black voting in major Democratic presidential campaigns since exit polling began.