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Protests Continue in Haiti After Government Backs Down on Plan to Raise Fuel Prices

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Protesters in Port-au-Prince, Haiti fought with police on Monday during the fourth day of conflict stemming from the government’s plan to raise fuel prices, which it has now canceled, Washington Post reports.

A general strike has shut down most of the country, including taxi and mini-bus services, which many people rely on to get to work, as most people have stayed home during the clashes.

Protesters were turned away by police when they went to the parliament building, according to the report.

Several people have died since the uprising and the Public Security Secretary Ronsard Saint Cyr and other government officials have asked for the protests and the strike to end.

Protests began on Friday after the government, backed by the International Monetary Fund, announced that the price of fuel was to increase up to 50 percent in order to help the country’s economy, according to The Washington Post.

Due to the intense backlash, the government canceled its plans for the price hike.

Many missionary groups were stuck in the island nation amid protests as flights to and from the country were canceled.

Flights have resumed and groups have been allowed to leave, per recent reports.


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