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EBONY Exclusive

EBONY Unveils Top 10 HBCU Queens & Introduces First Class of HBCU Kings

Meet the winners of the 2018-2019 HBCU Campus Queens & Kings.

EBONY reveals its 2018–19 top 10 EBONY HBCU Campus Queens and, for the first time, its top 10 EBONY HBCU Campus Kings. During a four-month online competition, voters select their favorite Kings and Queens from the 75 historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) that participate.

“The top 10 EBONY HBCU Campus Kings and Queens honor bright young Black men and women who exemplify leadership, community activism and philanthropy,” says EBONY Media Operations CEO Michael Gibson. “Given today’s climate, we make it our job at EBONY to praise and celebrate these HBCU royals and their achievements.”

This year’s top majesties are representative of a diverse group of men and women, all of whom carry their own distinct qualities, backgrounds and focuses.

Top 10 HBCU Kings

Top 10 HBCU Queens

During the four-month run of the competition, Bennett College learned it was at risk of losing its accreditation due to financial instability. Many other Queens banded together in solidarity to show support for that college’s Queen, Brooke Kane, offering to forfeit their votes, send money and help raise donations via #StandwithBennett.. EBONY, along with many celebrities, alumnae and everyday people joined the movement. Today, Bennett College has surpassed its financial goal. 

Stay tuned to for highlights and behind-the-scenes EBONY HBCU Campus Kings and Queens content. Engage using the hashtags #EBONYHBCUCampusKings2018 and #EBONYHBCUCampusQueens2018.



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