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Racial Slur Discovered at Philly Politician’s HQ

Investigators are taking note of a paralegal's discovery of vandalism splattered outside the campaign headquarters of Philadelphia's own Damon Roberts. The incident occurred Tuesday morning on Broad and Dickinson in South Philadelphia, but isn't the first time Roberts had to report something similar. After the paralegal contacted Roberts, who then called police, the local politician spoke to NBC Philadelphia about the occurrence.

"There was also a note on the outside," Roberts said, noting that in addition to the paint the vandal left a threatening message with a racial slur. "It said, 'We out for blood n****. This really has just truly gone too far." Roberts is a Democrat running for State Representative in the 186th District. His other two reported vandalism incidents were taken seriously by police, but were nothing in comparison to Tuesday's event. "It's not just vandalism," said Roberts. "It's risen to a higher level of a threat."

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