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Please, Stop What You’re Doing, and Read Everything is Yours, Everything is Not Yours

Everything is yours, everything is not yours

At some point today — or perhaps tomorrow — you might get an email or a text or a tweet imploring you to read something. "You HAVE to read this!" the message might say. And you'll probably read it, eventually. But, just like most other times someone demanded you read something that was a must read, you'll probably finish it thinking "Okay. That was cool. But, I didn't need to read that." And then, the next time someone demands you read something, you're a bit less enthused to do it. 

I say this because you might have that feeling when I tell you you need to read "Everything is Yours, Everything is Not Yours" — Clemantine Wamariya's captivating piece about her experience as a Rwandan refugee in America. And I need you to ignore it. I promise you it will be the most captivating thing you'll read all week. Maybe all month. Possibly all year. 


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