Richard Myers

Sanford, Florida's second police chief since the Trayvon Martin shooting made some declarative statements on Friday. Not in his post for even 24 hours, Chief Richard Meyers vowed to launch an “A-to-Z review” of the department that mishandled the controversial death of the 17-year-old student. With 35 years of law enforcement experience, Meyer was hired by City Manager Norton Bonaparte for the job vacated by Chief Bill Lee. "Sanford has gone through a highly traumatic event and it's one that has rocked folks from all backgrounds," he said in a news conference.

For months, Martin’s parents and supporters have been asking for an internal review of chief Lee and his department, who let George Zimmerman go free. "We don't have the luxury of taking our time," Meyers added about the tension in the small city. "Relationship building here is urgent work. And I especially want to hear from the disenfranchised members of the community — those who feel disconnected to the police."

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