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Sacramento Police Release Body Cam Footage of Stephon Clark Shooting (VIDEO)

Stephen Clark Sacramento Police Shooting

The Sacramento Police Department has released body cam footage of officers killing an unarmed Black man holding a cell phone who was fired at 20 times by officers in his grandparents’ backyard on Sunday.

Officers encountered Stephon Clark, 22, after they received reports that someone was breaking into vehicles and a home in the area, USA Today reports.

The video shows the officers pursuing Clark and shooting their guns seconds after entering the backyard. Police also released helicopter footage showing someone jumping fences in the backyard of homes. Both videos were obtained by the Sacramento Bee.

Police can be heard screaming, “Show me your hands, gun, gun, gun,” before firing rounds that eventually killed the 22-year old. No gun was found at the scene.

“Based on the videos alone, I cannot second-guess the split-second decisions of our officers and I’m not going to do that,” Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg told USA Today. “The investigation must be completed. We need more information in addition to the video before we can render any final conclusions.”

In a statement to ABC10, Clark’s grandmother, Sequita Thompson, said she was inside her home when the shooting occurred.

“It went ‘pow, pow, pow.’ They just kept on shooting,” Thompson said. “He was shot so many times, so many times.”

Clark’s grandmother also said she heard the gunshots but had no clue it was her grandson until a detective came to the home hours later and asked to see pictures of her grandkids.

“He was real quiet, and said, ‘Ma’am you can’t go back there, you can’t go back there,’ ‘ Thompson said. “I said ‘ok.’ I waited till he walked out that door, I opened up that curtain, and [saw] my grandson on the ground dead.”

Clark’s family has set up a GoFundMe page to pay for funeral costs.


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