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Shanesha Taylor Can Do What She Wants With Her Money

Why Shanesha Taylor Owes You Nothing

Writer B. Cayenne Bird lays out a good argument at the Daily Kos of why Shanesha Taylor doesn’t own you anything. The short answer is: it’s her money and not the government’s. So she can do with it as she so pleases!

However a much more thorough answer comes by way Bird’s post entitled, “Good for Shanesha Taylor for standing up to Co. Atty. Bill Montgomery trying to seize her donations,” As the title suggest, Bird argues that the state is wrong for monitoring and putting restrictions on donations given to Taylor after she was arrested and charged with child abuse for leaving her children in a locked car while she went on a job interview.

If we recall, the child abuses charges were dropped and, after being cleared by protective services, Taylor’s children were returned to her. However Bird takes issue with the state’s stipulation attached to those originally dropped charges, which barred Taylor from accessing donations raised through crowdsourcing for her legal fees and other expenses. She was also ordered to put the funds into a trust for the children, which can only accessed IF the children go to college. Bird calls the courts “overreaching” and argues that the order denies the original donors, who contributed to help Taylor without the trust fund stipulation, their own intent on where the money should go and how it can be used. 

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