New SheaMoisture Ad Begs Forgiveness Via Fine, Bearded Men

Bearded men are the subject of SheaMoisture's latest ad.

In April, haircare brand SheaMoisture forgot who raised them when they released an ad nearly deplete of models resembling the racial demography of their clientele. The company was dragged to the ends of the earth with many former Shea users deciding they’d begin using other brands to moisturize their tresses.

After laying low for a few months, on Tuesday, SheaMoisture released its latest ad. Not only is it wisely populated with melanin, it features the finest of the fine, bearded men.

Clever play, Shea.

In September, the #BeardGameMatters Facebook group became so popular, its founder decided to launch the dating site for those looking to tend to their love of men and facial hair.

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In the recent commercial, the hair company acted on the very palpable attraction to beards by featuring an array of sexy, bearded men caressing their facial hairs. It’s the most thirst-trapping 35 seconds of your life you’ll ever experience — so soak it up.


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