Shellie Zimmerman

A Sanford, Fla. judge set the first court date for Shellie Zimmerman on July 31, stemming from perjury charges against the wife of the neighborhood watchman who shot Trayvon Martin. She is accused of lying to the court about their financial status—claiming her and George Zimmerman were poor—while planning and using donated funds to pay for their living expenses and legal fees.

The couple used a code when on the phone while George was in jail to discuss transferring more than $135,000 from a PayPal account he’d received from a solicitation website he set up. On June 1, Zimmerman’s bond was revoked over the misstatements, but he was able to pay the new bond set at $1 million. No official statement has been made on Shellie’s behalf and it is not clear whether she will appear in person at the arraignment or be represented by an attorney.

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