Screenshot of R.I.P Hadiya Pendleton

Hadiya Pendleton’s murder in Chicago shook the nation two days ago and people across the country have banded behind the young honor-student to share their condolences and to highlight the problem of gun violence in the U.S.

Social media users took to Twitter and Facebook to express their condolences to the 15-year old’s family and to protest the state of gun violence in the country.

One Facebook user, 17-year old Eddy Nubine took it into his own hands to spread the news of the young girl’s death on Facebook. Nubine created the Facebook page, R.I.P Hadiya Pendleton shortly after hearing of the honor-student’s death yesterday.

“Our young people are getting gunned down….I decided to make this page to bring some more attention to this story and to [advocate] for stricter [gun] laws,” Nubine told theGrio in a phone interview.

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