Social Worker Accused Of Making Patient at Mental Hospital Her Sex Slave

Christy Lenhardt has been accused of using a patient at a mental institution as her personal sex slave.
Screenshot/CBS Chicago

A social worker has been accused of prolonging a patient’s stay at an Illinois mental institution so she could use him as her personal sex slave.

On Thursday, 24-year-old Benhadin Hurt filed a federal lawsuit against 53-year-old Christy Lenhardt. The suit alleges the woman, who has since been terminated from Elgin Mental Health Center, sexually abused him during his three-year stay at the facility. Two doctors are also being named in the suit for knowing about the abuse and not reporting it.

“She engaged in all kinds of various sexual misconduct,” the young man’s attorney, Joe Cecala, told WBBM. “The graphic details are every sex act that you can imagine.”

“She’s accused of manipulating and seducing our client, repeatedly, and it took her about four months until she actually had sex for the first time with him,” Cecala continued. “We have evidence of her perversion, both in her emails to the client, nude photos.”

Attorneys in the case also claim Lenhardt was having sex with reputed child molester and even assisted in the man’s escape from the facility. Hurt’s mom claims Lenhardt continued to make excuses as to why her son, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, needed to remain at the center.

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“They assured me that they were going to help me with my child,” Hurt’s mom D’Anntanette Lee told WBBM. “What they did to my son was wrong.”

Illinois State Police are currently investigating the reports.




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